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Wheelchair Vans

  • Ambulance Transportation is available to transport those individuals who are bedfast to and from hospitals, nursing homes, and other medically necessary appointments.
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  • Training & Educational opportunities are available to teach lay persons the basics of CPR and First Aid.  Classes are also offered for professionals for primary certifications or to keep their certifications up to date.
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SENIOR Transportation was started as a Wheelchair Van mobility assistance service company in December of 1995. Today, we have an enormous amount of experience and one of the largest fleets of Wheelchair vans to serve the communities throughout Southern New Jersey.

Each of SENIOR's drivers is a Mobility Assistance Vehicle - Technician (MAV-T) and has completed a state certified course to prepare them to adequately meet the needs of those patients who will use our Wheelchair Coach services. In addition, each MAV-T has a current CPR certification and basic first aid training that are updated regularly.

SENIOR is always adding new wheelchair accessible vans to its fleet. All of our vans are newer and are kept in top condition. Each vehicle is regularly removed from service for mechanical inspection and any needs are cared for immediately.

Insurance and Payment info for Wheelchair Coach Service

Potential patients should note that Medicare does not reimburse for Wheelchair Coach transportation.  However, most insurances will pay for wheelchair coach transports when the person who wants to use the service 

  • is ambulatory (i.e., walks) but needs special medical transportation,
  • needs assistance walking but is not wheelchair bound.
  • has a condition that requires special attention (such as, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, severe COPD, etc.), or, 
  • of course, someone who is wheelchair bound.

If you have insurance other than Medicare, then be sure to contact them prior to calling for an appointment to insure that your policy will reimburse for Wheelchair Coach transportation.  In addition, many insurance companies require pre-certification or pre-approval before any medical transportation is provided.  If your insurance requires pre-certification or pre-approval, then be sure that you, your doctor, or your case manager obtains the prior approval before calling for an appointment.

If you have Medicaid, you must call LogistiCare (LGTC).  LGTC has been granted the status of  Medicaid broker in the state of New Jersey for transportation services.  They accept and schedule all Non-Emergency, Medicaid transportation in New Jersey.

If you are a Medicaid beneficiary and require non-emergency Ambulance service or Wheelchair Coach assistance to get to and from your medically necessary appointments, you must call LGTC to arrange for your medical transportation needs.

 LGTC Contact Information:

  Reservations 866-527-9933
  Where's My Ride 866-527-9934

We want to serve you whenever possible.  If you call LGTC for an appointment, be sure to request Senior Transportation as your preferred provider.  If you make such a request and any other service arrives, please call us and tell us of this happening (888-407-9897).

SENIOR also accepts personal checks and both MasterCard, Visa, and Discover payments for Wheelchair Coach transports.


Scheduling Appointments for Wheelchair Coach Service

Our Intake/Dispatch office prefers to have 72 hours notice to schedule all wheelchair coach transportation. Normally, our schedules for the coming day are completed before noon on the preceding day. Therefore, it is very important to make arrangements for transportation as soon as you know that you will be requiring it; that is, when you make your doctor's appointment, when you make you appointment for medical tests, etc.  However, many times we may be able to accept last minute scheduling.  Call us to check for availability.

Again, remember that, if you are a Medicaid beneficiary, you must call LogistiCare at the numbers listed above to schedule your appointment (and don't forget to ask for Senior Transportation as your "preferred provider".)

Our Intake/Dispatch will receive calls for scheduling Wheelchair Coach Service from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  If you are not sure about what you need to use our service, feel free to call and discuss our services with our Intake/Dispatch department personnel.  They would be happy to help you.


Courtesy Contacts and Cancellations

Please be sure that we have your current telephone number or that your correct telephone number has been supplied to LogistiCare. If we need to contact you about your transport, we must have the correct contact information.

On the day prior to your transport, one of our office staff will call your home to verify that you plan to travel with us the next day.  If you do not plan to keep your appointment, please inform us of this when our representative contacts you. 

You may have to cancel after our representative has called you.  If so, please call us just as soon as you know that you will not be traveling with us as scheduled. Failure to inform our representative or give us advance notice of cancellations causes problems for our drivers and other patients; so please be considerate of the other patients and our drivers.


Hours of Operation for Wheelchair Coach Service

Our Wheelchair Coach Services run from 4:30 a.m. through 11:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. However, special transports can sometimes be provided if arrangements are made far enough in advance.  If you need special times or days, give us a call.  Sometimes we can help you with your unique transportation needs.


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